Using Google reviews to build trust

The key with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is getting people to click on your business website link when it appears in Google. Google reviews do that by adding orange starts to your website listing, thus instantly showing that you have a credible company.

If your company ranks above another company in Google, yet that other company below yours has reviews, that company will more likely get clicked. If you look at these three listings for carpenters in Welwyn Garden City, which company would you click on first?

Google Reviews

How to get Google reviews for your business

STEP 1: – Setup your Google My Business listing

If you don’t have a Google My Business listing set up already, you can create one by going to

Setting up your Google My Business listing is simple and quick to do, however, make sure you provide as much information about your business as possible, such as business name, address, phone number opening times, business category and photos.


STEP 2: Ask your customers to leave you a review

The best way to approach customers to leave you reviews is to do so when they offer praise at the end of the business transaction. Your customer is delighted with the work you have done for them, and they are maybe even saying how much they would love to recommend you to others. This is a natural opportunity to politely respond by saying something like: ‘I am so glad we have been able to …….. [whatever your service did], would you be happy to leave a review for us on Google so others can read about how we have helped you, to understand how our services may help them?’

If you can get one customer/client a month to leave a review, in just one year, you’ll have 12 reviews. Chances are that will be way more than your competitors. It will really boost your Google click-throughs, and the bonus is it also enhances your SEO.


If you would like any support setting up your Google My Business page so you can collect reviews for your business, please do reach out to us at



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