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Working with You

Who do you build websites for?
We build websites for service-based business in the UK. Our lovely typical clients include restaurants, personal trainers, advisors, and builders to name only but a few. To get a broader idea who we build for, please check out this handy Who we build for page.

What type of websites do you build?
We build rather gorgeous brochure websites for companies wanting to showcase the services they offer.

Do you build mobile apps?
We don’t build native smartphone apps. We only build brochure website for business, and they are all mobile responsive.

Do you build e-commerce websites?
We don’t e-commerce or online shopping websites. This is something we may offer in the future only when we can offer an e-commerce service that meets our very high expectations.

How do I get started?
Go to and pick a day and time that suits you. We’ll give you a call-back at that time to discuss your project.

How long does it take to build my website?
If you have all of your text, logo, photos and images ready, then your website can be build in as little as a week. However if you still need to prepare your content, and have photos taken etc, then that will add additional time to the plan and build.

The best thing to do is to book an chat with us at – and you can tell us what you do have ready and we can advise you of how best to get going to speed up the build time.

Control & Ownership

Can I edit the content of my website?
Yes. You will have a login to edit and manage your own content. Edit your business opening times, add a blog post, upload a project or edit your food menu. You will have access to make the changes you need.

How easy is it to move on?
You own your domain and hosting, so moving on to another web designer is super easy, and you are never tied into any contract with us.


Will my website be responsive?
Yes. Your website will work and look great on all screen sizes including smart phones such as iPhone and tablets such as iPad.

Can I see examples of websites you have built?
Two websites we have launched recently are and

Domain & Hosting

Can I use my own domain?
Absolutely. We will help you point your existing domain to the hosting provider we use.

How much is hosting?
Hosting is from £11 per month, can be paid monthly, and you can use your credit or debit card and they accept PayPal too. We would set up your website, and transfer the billing for the hosting to you, so you can ensure, that it is in your name, so you have total ownership of your hosting, should you want to use another web design company in the future.

I already have hosting, can I not just use that?
We will only build websites on our providers’ hosting, as we know they specialise in the platform we use to build your website, meaning your website will run lightly fast and be super secure, so we can focus on growing your business.

What hosting company do you use?
We use Flywheel – – they are pretty awesome, and their hosting starts from £11 GBP a month.

Can I have an SSL certificate?
Yes – the hosting company we use gives you an SSL certificate free of charge, so traffic to your website is fully encrypted.

Do you have a backup service?
Yes. Your website will be backed up daily off-site, for a 30-day rolling period. So should disaster strike, we’ve got you covered.


What platform do you use?
We will build your website using WordPress which powers 35% of the websites on the internet.

Can I have a blog on my website?
Absolutely! Blogs and news sections provide a great way to keep your visitors informed.

Can I have a portfolio of my work?
Portfolios and galleries of you work – we’ve got it covered! You’ll also be able to upload projects and galleries of your work yourself.

Would I be able to change my opening times?
Yes. If you need to adjust your opening times for the holidays, you’ll be able to log in and do that too.

Can I have a food/drinks menu?
Yes. We can make great looking food and drink menus that also display perfectly on mobile devices. Bon Appetit!

Can you help with GDPR?
We can add cookie consent bars to websites we build, along with Cookie and Privacy notices. We always advise clients to seek their own legal advice on how to implement this to meet compliance for their industry sector.

Can you help with Local SEO?
Yes, all the websites that we build are built with Local SEO at their core. Many of our clients offer local services such as gyms, accountants, and restaurants, and so they need to be found locally on Google and other search engines. Head to to find out more.

Can I have Google Analytics?
Absolutely! We’ll help you set up Google Analytics and Google Search Console for you to see how your website is performing.

Pricing & Paying

How much do you charge to build a website?
We charge a £250 planning fee, then £100 per page. So if you were to have a 1-page website, that would cost £350. If you were to have a 5-page website, that would cost £750. Our costs are transparent and at the consultation stage we will give you a full estimate.

When do I pay for my website?
You pay for the planning fee at the end of the initial planning phase, and the build fee before the website goes live.

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept payment by bank transfer.

Do your prices include VAT?
At this time, we do not charge VAT on any services Design Flow Studio directly provides.

Are there any maintenance contracts I am tied into?
Nope. If you need any changes made, just ask and we’ll bill you for the time it takes to make those changes. We’ll always give you a clear estimate before we start any work.

How much do you charge to update my site once it is built?
We charge £20 hour for any changes your website needs.

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