Google prioritising secure websites

From July 2018, Google will be making changes which will achieve two things: firstly secure websites will be ranked higher, and Google Chrome web browser users will also be notified if a website is not secure.

Is your website secure?

If your website address has HTTPS before it such as, you don’t need to take any action. However, if your website only has HTTP such as, you will need to buy an SSL certificate from your web hosting company or an independent SSL certificate provider.

Managed WordPress hosting users

For those of you who are using WordPress as your web platform, and have Managed WordPress hosting, your hosting provider will likely give you a free SSL certificate and help you set up HTTPs on your site. All you need to do is contact their support so they can guide you through this.

How much will it cost?

If you have a simple business brochure website, and you need to buy an SSL certificate, they are normally very affordable from £10 per year. As I said before, it may be that your host already provides you with a free SSL certificate that you just need to activate.

Why it matters

As most people use Google Chrome to browse the web if you do not have an SSL certificate, and HTTPS in front of your domain name, many of your website visitors will see that your website is displaying a label next to your web address saying ‘Not secure’ from July. This will damage confidence in the way your website visitors will perceive your company.

What to do next

We have put together this guide to explain the steps to take to implement HTTPS onto your website –

Getting support

If  you are unsure on the type of hosting you have, and if your hosting company can help you with SSL/HTTPS, then reach out to them to ask what they advise. Alternatively, schedule a chat with us so we can help guide you through the process and whats involved –

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