Google Maps: Be Found

For many, Google Maps is their go-to mobile or desktop web app to find a local cafe, gym, mechanic.

It was when travelling recently that I saw the power of how Google maps can help a location based business. Whether you are away for a day-trip, away for the weekend, or moving to a new town or city, you need to find where your new local amities are.

So if you own a cafe and your business is on Google Maps then the truth is, more people will find your business. Likewise, if your competitors cafe up the road is not on Google Maps, sure people may stumble across them, yet people do their research before setting out, and they make a bee-line to the place they have found. Whats more, because Google Maps displays your opening hours, they know if you are open before they set out, giving them increased confidents to find your venue.

How to implement Google Maps for your business

If you have a cafe, restaurant, gym, workshop, art studio, laundrette etc and you want people to find your business, then you can set up a Google My Business page. There you will be able to set your businesses location, opening hours and a description of your services. That way next time someone searches for your type of business, yours will come up.

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